Because nothing says "quality website" like requiring extra effort from its users to render it even remotely usable

Tired of hearing Raid Shadow Legends and NordVPN get shilled mid-video? This extension allows you to not only automatically skip over shilling, but lengthy channel intros as well.

If you’ve somehow managed to venture so deep into the internet that you’ve come across my site AND STILL don’t have an AdBlocker of any kind installed, then all I can do is shame you and question how you tolerate that sort of browsing experience...for the love of please just get one, you'll thank me later.

Personally, I just use "AdBlock" and Opera/Brave to take care of ads, but uBlock is also a reliable alternative. Although, I have heard reports of YouTube gimping users who have this extension enabled.

YouTube MrBeastify
Adds Mr. Beast to the thumbnails of all YouTube videos. This one is impractical, but can be pretty funny to turn on once and a while.

Another impractical extension, Gizoogle will translate an entire webpage’s contents to “gangsta.” It can make the comment sections really entertaining.

Annotations Restored for YouTube
I was so happy when I discovered this. One way or another all the annotation data for old videos is preserved, so with this extension you can re-enable them. It’s perfect for a trip down memory lane...

Enhancer for YouTube
◦ Easily take screenshots, fine tune video speed, and more.

Return Dislike
“This extension aims to restore power to users by using a combination of archived like and dislike data, as well as the likes and dislikes made by extension users to show the most accurate ratings.”

I use this to ensure videos playing on my CRT take up the entire screen.