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Justin Mohn

Original channel name: Justin Mohn [Main Channel] & Justin Mohn - Topic [Music Channel]
Date: January 31, 2024
Sub count: 43

Justin Mohn is a testament to the toxicity of delusion. In Justin's mind, he was an accomplished author, a musician, the leader of a revolutinary militia uprising, and overall someone who "only wishes to bring positive change to the world." As I look into Mohn's output I see a lot of parallels to Chris Chan, another lolcow with a similarly diverse (yet laughably bad) creative output mixed with a God complex. But Mohn isn't your regular lolcow, as he gained public notoriety for to murdering his father and uploading a YouTube video brandishing his decpitated head. The video was up for hours before YouTube struck it down, leading to widespread scrutiny.

Judging by the book on the far left, we can deduce that he was clearly a very humble man...

In a now since deleted Reddit comment, a man claiming to know Justin through primary school claimed that he was a once bright student whose mental state began declining during his college years at PSU, leading him to drive away the people in his life. As his frustrations mounted post-graduation 2014 towards student loan debt and the in-ability to find a job, Justin filed a lawsuit against the United States seeking $10 million in damages in 2022 claiming that he was essentially defrauded and disadvantaged by student loans/college.

Graphic design was his passion

Justin would continue to grow disillusioned with the US and the Biden adminstration in particular (I'm sure Biden's failure to get significant student loan debt forgiveness passed certainly didn't help in that regard...) Justin's anger and schizophrenia would ultimately culminate in the murder of his father, a 68 year old engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers whom he viewed as a traitor to the principles of freedom and independence for simply being a federal employee. Justin was swiftly arrested and is currently awaiting sentencing.


Original channel name: SgtBullDog
Date: August 4, 2021
Sub count: 519

It feels morbid to speak of this event so soon, and I feel so strange as I had followed this saga until the end. Just a mere 5 hours before the tragedy unfolded, I was using his videos as a prime example of what YouTube Kids should not be filled with. On August 5, 2021, "SgtBullDog" took a final stand against his local police and was shot to death in the process.

Part of me feels the need to write this now right after the fact in the off chance any media picks up on it. As mentioned before, I had followed this account from near the beginning, initially found off of a last hour search of "rant." From my understanding, this downfall began with either an HOA or neighbors in his neck of the woods formally complaining about his "grass"/lawn.

"SgtBullDog's" bio claims he is a "19Yr + 3Tour WarVet," and clearly he was suffering as a result of his service. His bio also mentioned being a member of "Veteran Rehab & Refuge." From his videos, you can tell he was not in a healthy state of mind. His last uploads feel like a deathwish as he chugs alcohol straight out the bottle, begging for a final confrontation. I think he felt disillusioned to have believed he fought so hard for freedoms that were being denied to him in the countryside, which he felt was a sanctuary from the arbitrary nonsense of modern society.

"SgtBullDog" had two books allegedly set for a release, "Dark Side of the Army + Veteran Struggle & Survival Guide." His Veteran Struggle & Survival Guide claims to have been directed towards discussing the shortcomings of the US system's aid for verterans. Given the tragic finale to this man's story, this a book that needs to be published.

"Homeless vets are simply given place to stay and job referral services. If vets could find a good job they wouldn't be homeless in the first place. For addicts, they are thrown in sober environment for short period of time and then thrown right back into same situation leading them to addiction in the first place, while the root cause remains ignored. "

lotus: justice for Maddly Arts

Original channel name: lotus: justice for Maddly Arts
Original video name: "#sosayslotus #LOTUSNOTICE 0719 YOLS 2020 UPDATE #USNAZIS #PEDOJunta"
Date: July 21, 2020
Sub count: 5.45k

On July 21st, 2020 a woman in Columbus, Ohio attacked the police and fortified herself at her home. She livestreamed the event on YouTube as police tried to talk her out of her basement. Eventually she puts on a gas mask, and the police break through the window, filling the screen with tear gas. There are 6 videos in total of the livestream, of which I was able to download 2. The other 4, along with her entire channel, were removed by YouTube. I recall the stream ending with her still rambling out of frame. I am willing to reupload these if I can find a site willing to host them, and would appreciate it if anyone has copies of the other parts of the livestream. Part 1, part 2, and part 3 can be found mirrored on BitChute. Parts 4-6 appear to be lost media. There were also PDFs in her video description, which I assume is the paper she clings to in the video, but I do not have copies of those either.

The final livestreams recieved around 600 views as they gained attention on /pol/ due to the streamer being obsessed with missing children and pizza gate style "conspiracies." I tried to find some thread archives but didn't have any luck, searching for "justice for Maddly Arts" doesn't turn up much. So far I haven't been able to find any arrest reports or news stories about this case, but I will keep looking. Perhaps /x/ or /pol/ could shine more light on this, if anyone even remembers at this point.

Nasim Najafi Aghdam

Original channel names: Nasim Vegans Surpressed, Nasim Handmades, Nasime Sabz, and Yeşil Nasim
Date: April 3, 2018
Sub count (most popular channel as of most recently available archive): 8,580
Views (across all four channels): 9,200,000

Nasim Najafi Aghdam is an infamous YouTube figure and hardly needs an introduction.
“Around 12:46 p.m. PDT, a shooting occurred at the headquarters of the video-sharing website YouTube in San Bruno, California. The shooter was identified as 38-year-old Nasim Najafi Aghdam, who entered through an exterior parking garage, approached an outdoor patio, and opened fire with a Smith & Wesson 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. Aghdam wounded three people, one of them critically, before killing herself.”

Even before the attack on YouTube, Nasim's videos were bizzare, the closest aesthetic comparision I could draw are from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! in regards to the heavy presence of both greenscreen and mental illness. Her presence was not limited to YouTube, but clearly this is what she considered the most important, and restrictive, of her main social media.

Nasim's online presence was focused on veganism, body building, art, and animal rights. When you think of the stereotypical perpetrator of mass casualty attacks, by all means Nasim is the last person one would expect, because she didn't fit the national media narrative this could be part of the reason her story seemed to get buried quickly.

What pushed her to do what she did was the alleged censorship, shadow banning, and demonetization of her YouTube accounts. From a statistical standpoint, she is able to back up these trends (to an extent) on her website. Her channels were experiencing declinging viewers, and her monetization was being serverly decreased as a result of the many, and often confusing, sudden changes to YouTube policy. She even alleges that Google as a search engine was stifling her personal website by given false error reports, although I am inclined to believe it could have been the fault of her own server, but no doubt they may have deprioritized her website from the search engine results. The day of the attack, her YouTube channel was removed "due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations."

"They only care for personal short term profits & do anything to reach their goals...there is no free speech in real world & you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system."

Her grievances are very real in the present age of social media. The day of her attack every one of her social media accounts, including her own website, were terminated, it is the first time I had ever seen such a coordinated deplatforming effort. While she wished to die a martyr for free speech, perhaps big tech came to use her as the template for deplatforming individuals moving forward.

Monkey Abuse

Date: 2018 - Present

This is a strange social phenomena that is not exclusive to YouTube, but certainly thrives on the site. Often these types of torture and snuff films are compiled into playlists for easy viewing. It’s the comment sections that are more so disturbing then the videos themselves. Perhaps it is an attempt at edgy humor, but one can’t help but feel some of it is legitimate. I don't know maybe it's a cultural difference, perhaps in nations where monkeys are present their viewed as a nuisance much like some variments are in the United States. I can understand the appeal of gore videos (RIP LiveLeak) but commenting genuine encouragement and envy of that type of material is odd behavior. I've never really found myself thinking "damn, the world really needs more Mexican chainsaw beheadings," but that's just me.

The skeptic in me has me suspecting (hoping!) these could be bot accounts, given the lack of profile pictures and generic names, but then that begs the question of why such accounts exist to even serve this purpose?

Parts of this “subculture” is organized more along the lines of a crime syndicate. Vice writes that there is a thriving economy revolving around monkey abuse video production in which users “purchase” an adopted monkey, and then pay to have videos made using their recommended methods of torture.
I have seen this for other animals on YouTube as well, last I recall I was browsing a random playlist of videos a few months ago and then there was a long stretch of videos such as nerve gas tests on rabbits, injured rabbits, etc.

Frank R. James

Original channel name: prophet oftruth88
Date: April 12, 2022
Sub count: 359

On April 12, 2022 Frank R. James entered the Brooklyn subway system dressed like a construction worker and began a mass shooting. He shot 33 rounds from his handgun, wounding 10 and killing no one. Additionally, James had set up some sort of explosive devices that appeared to have not properly detonated. He is currently being charged as a federal terrorist. James was captured after a 30 hour manhunt, taken into custody without a struggle.

James regularly uploaded to his YouTube account prophet oftruth88 since its creation on May 7, 2014. James' videos covered a range of political and social issues, particularly in regards to US race relations. It was James' beliefs that blacks were still in a form of slavery under white rule, and that the two groups were best left isolated from each other. He was also highly critical of New York's politicians, stating that “those were are the people who were supposed to help me. They made me worse! They made me worse They made me more dangerous than anyone could imagine."

In the videos, James admits to suffering from PTSD, and I would assume undiagnosed schizophrenia as well given what I have seen. Re-uploads of his videos are being quickly taken down on mainstream sites, but you can download an archive here.

"They didn’t elect to make you an equal, you had to FORCE them to make you an equal."

Matthew and Jan McMurray

Channel name: Matt n Jan Adventures
Date: Apr 11, 2021 - Ongoing
Sub count: 95

With every channel/individual mentioned thusfar, these have been written after the fact. Usually their channels are deleted and all that can be provided is a Wayback link, however this is a unique case in which the channel in question is still active daily. Meet Matt n Jan Adventures.

“Schizophrenic and stroke survivor streaming 24/7 real life at home.. The Schizophrenic, Matt is documenting his journey while going off the meds, like in the movie "Beautiful Mind". The story of the John Nash and his quest to learn to live with schizophrenia. Jan,had a stroke and is learning to walk and talk again. Two people whom are working together to help each other and anyone who relates. No cuts. No edits. Live streaming so it's real. ”

Normally I wouldn't spotlight your average schizophrenic on YouTube (seriously just do a last hour/day search for "gang stalking" and you'll find plenty of them) but this is a whole other level as they have lived stream multiple angles of their home every day for a solid year now. Their life circumstances are unfortunate, but this is all just a really strange way of going about it to me. I suppose it's supposed to serve as an inspiration to others based on the description.

Matt goes over his schizophrenic symptoms in the first two videos uploaded onto the channel. He states that he does not suffer from auditory/visual hallucinations, but rather one this feeling that when watching television, the "context" is stripped away, and it becomes an intense experience, especially when considering how much television "influences the world" as a "form of mind control." He goes on to say that he had quit his medication due to it making his rectum bleed and the ways it inhibited his memory. Matt seems like a pretty smart guy though, wishing these two all the best.

"This is my body...this is my mind, no one else's. Because the world just doesn't understand what i'm talking about or because I say something that makes people think about things they don't want to think about, that's no reason to medicate me[...]and I'm tired of spending time being pissed about it thinking and feeling that I have no control of over my life that I can't even use the brain that the universe gave me to use in this life, and it pisses me off. "