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When that marquee begins to scroll, you know you're in for some mid 2000s flip phone recorded quality porno.

Have you ever dared venture into the comment sections of your favorite pornography? Believe it or not the comment sections of these sites typically work better than YouTube's these days, with likes (and especially dislikes) actually working, comment order making sense, etc. Hell even from a UI perspective some of these sites do better than YouTube, with dislikes being red and likes being green, rather than a muted gray color scheme. Maybe I'm just being nit picky, but hey let's give YouTube the benefit of the doubt, they're only a multi billion dollar entity backed by Google.

But did you know, that much like Twitter and YouTube's verified checkmarks, xvideos offers a similar system? That's right folks, you can stand out in the crowd of horny middle aged men, and all you have to do is upload photographic proof you are who you say you are. I've made the journey into the darkest depths of the internet to bring you back this content so you don't have to. Enjoy!

A based trad Christian man who let's Jesus watch him rub it out.

They say black don't crack, but I guess that was a lie. Why is he so sweaty? Is masturbating the only physical exercise he gets?

Jaystation after realizing his "YouTube clout" is a dead end.

This dude is built like a 7th grade math teacher.

Looks like somebody's excited to join the xvideos community!

What the hell is going on with his wall?

What da dog doin?

Don't mess with me pal, my xvideos friendlist is bigger than yours!