When it comes to accounts of extreme paranormal activity, particularly UFOs, a recurring trend is the presence of the Men in Black. "The term is generic, used for any unusual, threatening, or strangely behaved individual whose appearance on the scene can be linked in some fashion with a UFO sighting." Their role in the situation differs incident to incident, but their main job appears to be containing the situation, collecting info, and silencing witnesses.

Those who have encountered the Men in Black have often commented on their strange appearance and demeanor. As a result, some have speculated they may not even be human, but rather alien shap shifters. I'm here to tell you that the Men in Black are a lot more mundane than people believe.

We all know that the government has gone "woke," with diversity coming before merit, with the hiring process being more of an oppression Olympics of sorts. Skin color, mental illness, and disabilities are all the rage within the bureaucracy, and this too affects the Men in Black.

The Men in Black are simply cripplingly autistic diversity hires, put there to fill the quota. People who recount interacting with the Men in Black claim that they would be strangely awkward with human to human interaction, as if the whole thing was a foreign experience to them. Witnesses also claim that the Men in Black would often ask scores of highly specified questions on the mechanics of how the UFOs operated. Hmmm that sounds awfully suspicious don't you think? Indeed, anyone who has encountered a hardcore train autist can attest to experiencing a similar phenomenon.

The FBI/CIA in charge of the Men In Black know that these severely autistic people are unfit for general operations. After all, how can a severely autistic person orchestrate a complex psychological operation ("psyop") if they can't even read basic social ques? The Men in Black is just a glowie in-joke amounting to nothing more than sending these naive souls on snipe hunts.

This facet of the Men in Black is even reflected in the 90s film of the same name (this is also known as "predictive programming.") Tommy Lee Jones plays a severely autistic agent by the name of Agent K, with the film's humor stemming from his inability to properly socialize with his much more charismatic partner (played by Will Smith.) Agent K may seem like a career man, but the fact is that his work with the MiB is merely an autistic fixation that has allowed him to excel within the agency. When I see Agent K, all I am reminded of is Darius McCollum, a man so obsessed with the prospect of working on a subway that he has impersonated NYC transit authority workers over 100 times and has been arrested on 32 instances just for a chance to live out his dream job.

In conclusion, if you find yourself face to face with the Men In Black after a UFO encounter, quickly change the subject to trains, Sonic the Hedgehog, or anything along those lines, and there's a good chance they'll lose track of their mission and forget to wipe your memory.

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