Our American Culture package includes control over foreign adversary's art, the bankruptcy of local business, and the Amercanization of culuture. In no time your trageted country will also be joyfully embracing the subversive filth and degeneracy we're exporting!

With the Civil Unrest package, we will artificially create grassroots movements to disrupt the economy and social balance of any group/country of your choosing. For an extra fee, we can upgrade this package to include armed militias and full on civil war.

Disinformation is key when it comes to taking over in the shadows, using bots and other means of faking popular consensus on-line, your enemies will be defeated without them even realizing it. Our patented use of heard mentality has proven 99% effective in shutting down anyone who remains a dissident.

Our staple product. We have enjoyed immense financial and operative success by defusing illicit substances onto already struggling peoples, and we would love to allow you the opportunity to share the wealth and success we have had!

While our Disinformation and Media packages emphasize the might of the pen over the sword, sometimes that just isn't enough. In cases where adversaries are actively resisting our propaganda efforts, we will supply weapons to extremist groups we have cultivated or formed ourselves. Our weapons packages range from basic (Cold War era AK-47's), standard (contemporary AR's), advanced (heavy weapons), to stealth (suppressed and 3D printed weapons).

Initially a part of our disinformation package, as media control has proven so effective and we have become so good at it, we now offer it as a standalone service. We will have our operatives both directly supply false information and make on-air appearences as a way of conveying propaganda from the illusion of an authoritative source. For an extra fee, we will also implant our operatives as full time news anchors.

When we unvieled this tactic at the onset of the Iraq War we never imagined it would have this much success! Our standard package offers both the falsification of adveraries owning WMD's, as well as a premium package supplying breifcase sized W48's nuclear warheads.

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