Slumlord Susan

There is a misconception that those making a living through YouTube are self-employed, but this is not the case. Those self-employed typically run a business operation from their own buildings/residence or a property rented out with a set agreement. YouTubers rely purely on the infrastructure and utilities provided by an incompetent slumlord named Susan Wojcicki.

Wojcicki controls the platform and by extension the paychecks of YouTubers. One may argue it is really the algorithms (which Google has admitted to not having complete control over due to its self-learning nature) but they can still be influenced by condoned direct intervention. As a slumlord, if she decides she doesn’t want her tenants selling a certain product (narrative/ideology) then she can repossess the property and leave them out of work, voiding and changing terms of occupancy at will.

Not only is she a slumlord, but also a criminal kingpin. While she kicks tenants out for minor violations of their housing agreement, she has no problem hosting ads that violate the website’s rules on vulgarity and scams since they pay her off a greater sum of revenue. Here are a just few examples collected by @AnnoyingYTAds on Twitter.

Make no mistake, she is your boss, and she can put you out of work on a whim. YouTube’s automated responses and the difficulty of reaching actual human support for infrastructure related issues are just another sign of a bad landlord. Some hope they can just move out and live elsewhere, but where can they go when she owns the entire neighborhood, burns down rival properties, and continues to expand unchecked?

Susan Wojiciki, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey. Three people have monopolized the modern methods for public discourse, and their allegiances and privacy issues have been long exposed. The user experience on these websites will only get worse as time progresses.