About Myself
Since I was a child, media and art has fascinated me. Coming from a family with roots in the traditional arts, I carry the practice into the digital realm. Growing up with the rise of the Internet and personal computers, I feel fortunate to have been born in this era with these opportunities available. Although circumstance put me into a position of poverty early on, eventually I was granted access to a computer of my own, opening up what still feels like infinite possibilities.

The personal fascination with video remixing began in the mid-2000’s, when I had first “discovered” YouTube (strange looking back on it in this manner, as it is now a known staple of entertainment, the joy of initially “discovering” the website was indescribable, and it is lamentable that the current generation will never get to feel that way).

The first videos I had ever encountered on YouTube were “YTP” remix videos. Admittedly they were very immature, but so was I. Aside from the surreal humor, what really interested me was the ways in which the source media had been completely repurposed. Later remixers from the early 2010’s, such as LinkOnDrugs and AwfulFawful, amazed me with their editing style. The ways in which these filmmakers combined pre-existing video clips together through editing techniques blew me away; it was unlike form of media I had ever seen. It was surreal watching these sources I was familiar with be completely altered into new narratives.

From a distance, I have been involved with the remixing community for a decade. It wasn’t until recently I decided to reassert myself into the scene. While I have experienced lengthy absences and numerous setbacks since then, I intend to continue on with my work and push through the many obstacles that have and will continue to present themselves.

About the Website
As mentioned, I was fortunate enough to experience the early days of the World Wide Web. It is maddening to me how much the experience of browsing the Internet has devolved since then. One can argue that the progression of technology has opened up many new opportunities, yet it seems the mainstream Internet has sterilized itself and refuses to reach its full potential.

What’s the incentive to use social media? It’s uniform layouts and limited customization doesn’t allow its users to express themselves. Even the original iteration of YouTube had the limited capability to customize profile pages with backgrounds and fonts, yet this is a distant memory now. Instead of fleshing out these features, they were completely done away with. What we are left with is demoralizing minimalism. This webpage's erratic design may not please all, but it pleases me to be able to do what I please on my own domain.

The once proud population of Netizens allowed themselves to become data livestock for unethical corporations as a social norm. As far as society is concerned if one doesn’t have a presence on the main social media publishers then they might as well not even exist. There’s an unjust stigma attached to those of us who wish to refrain from involving ourselves in this. Of course we realize that we live in an ever increasing surveillance state that is nearly inescapable, but what’s the harm in doing what we can to minimize its effect?

Early on, even corporate webpages were an interesting experience to navigate. The World Wide Web was new, and as a result this was an era of charming experimentation and design choices that ultimately lost out to easily accessible minimalism. Ironically, the coding involved to achieve these minimalist designs is complex and filled with bloat to support advertisements and surveillance.

I am a novice coder at best, my website is not perfect, but I much prefer learning the fundamentals of web design and having free reign over my domain, then being at the whim of corporate interests that could terminate and silence me without warning.

The World Wide Web is an endless frontier, the time is now to denounce mainstream social media and populate the fertile lands elsewhere.